Braille Lowercase Letters flashcards with RAISED larger dots for little fingers


Set of lowercase alphabet cards with large (8mm in diameter, 2mm high) braille dots to start teaching your child braille.

Although your child will eventually use standard size braille, you can start familiarising your child with each of the individual letters, just as you would with a fully sighted child.

Indeed these flashcards can be used with all children!


Users of braille are taught to chant the braille alphabet, for example dot one is an a, dot one two is a b, so the braille cell numbers are included under the braille dots to help you on this journey into braille.


Printed on quality 240gsm white card, letters are black for contrast, laminated for extra durability and the braille dots are on top. The cards are finished to an excellent standard with rounded corners and presented in a neat little box.



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