Days and months brailled


Set of 19 cards featuring the days of the week and the months of the year. Children are introduced to these in their Nursery years and should be reinforced from then on.

This set of cards is produced to support your child through their early years at school and it is never to early to start introducing them to your child.

The cards consist of words in black, on white card that is then laminated for durability. Corners are rounded. Standard size braille is then added on top.

Printed on quality 240gsm card, each card is approximately 90 x 60 mm. These cards can be used over and over again with all the children in your family.

As a teacher with 16 years experience, you can often tell the child who is nurtured at home as well as at school. After all, practice makes perfect. It's never too early to start introducing these words to your child and enjoy the feeling of achievement as your child's confidence goes from strength to strength. This can impact on all areas of learning.

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